8 May

Top 3 budget accommodation in Golden Triangle

We remain busy in our life and do not have time to visit different places living in our own country. Sometimes we plan but it gets ruined due to the busy schedule or some other problems. In today’s world we have given more priority to make money in respect to visit and explore more and better places available around us. The country like India which has diverse culture and living style. There are a lot of beautiful places to visit like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur etc. these cities have most beautiful moments like red fort, Taj Mahal one of the seven wonder of the world and Hawa Mahal respectively. We do not plan our holidays regularly, it is done sometimes or once in a year or two. So we think to visit such a place which has all the features to relax and chill out in affordable budgets.

Golden triangle Jaipur

Delhi, Agra and Jaipur are considered one of the best places to visit in India as the best place for tourism. People travel from long distances even from around the world to visit these cities. For these they need better places to stay that have all the facilities of relaxation. The following three hotels provide luxurious suites and are in budget with great future at the satisfying price. These hotels are as follows:

  • GTC Hotel in South Delhi
  • Hotel Malak in Jaipur
  • Hotel Radissonblu in Agra.

These hotels provide the best facility. These hotels provide the best rooms and services in the affordable price. It is not sure that every people may be healthy at all the time sometime people suffer some health problems suddenly, these hotels provide the proper first aid. The roadways to these hotels are directly connected and also nearby from the various bus stops and has easy route for airports and railway stations. Wi-fi service is provided to all the customers with proper speed. Hotels have the proper parking for all the individuals without any hassle. Location of these hotels is best from where the tourist can easily go for the tourist places. Proper gym facility is also available 24 by 7 with proper and safe environment.

So as the trip startes from new Delhi so prefer South Delhi. Hotel GTC, I believe is better and a good choice for those who are searching budget hotels in south delhi. I suggest that you should stay in their luxury cum budget place. But for other hotels check out the below points.

Why to opt for these hotels:

  • Warm welcome from staffs: Staffs pay the special attention with the best smile to their visitors and treat them in a proper manner and also feel them special.
  • Good information: The staffs available at the hotels provide or give the right and proper information to the customer for the entire thing available or not available at the hotels.
  • Feel like home: Everyone wants to feel like home when they are staying even out of their homes. To feel you like that these hotels provide the better services and everything on time, thus not causing to feel home sickness.
  • Cleanliness: These hotels have better cleanliness from halls to wash rooms. Cleanliness staffs are available for this at all the time.
  • Straight services: These hotels do their work properly with no any extra charges. These hotels are always pleased to fulfil all your demands to their best.

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