8 Nov

Top 3 cities to live after travelling the nation

Many and I mean many backpackers travel through their life. In India there are many locals who have spend like 30-40 years of their age to explore this mighty nation. Last night I met Mr Singh who is from Oink City Jaipur and he wasn’t here to explore the city with his friends. He was here to settle down in his home town and was looking for a good residential property in jaipur for sale.

Yes he was here in the city to buy a property. Well I never though about retirement and investment but now even I am thinking that travelling cost lots of money and every person should think about real estate invest at one stage of his life. So a person like me wants to write a post on 3 best cities to live after you have explored the nation.

Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy

Option 1 – The Pink City Jaipur

Jaipur has been in news for many reasons and one of them is real estate investment. This years we saw the ingratiation of Metro train in the city which will help the locals to commute smoothly and the track of this train is throwing gold. All the regions of the city where Metro train has passed has witness huge incline of property rates and many investors have called that the land rate of Jaipur will touch land rate of Delhi by 2015. So Jaipur is a city to settle and even invest.

Option 2 – Jodhpur

The royal city of Rajasthan is a popular destination for big bungalows and this is the reason why Jodhpur is on my list. The city has a royal style and as I love the beautiful homes and villas in the city so I will suggest you to buy one as they are still being offered at a pretty low price.

Option 3 – Jaisalmer

The desert city of the state is also a popular destination for new start-ups of hospitality Industry which are buying land over here very quickly and at higher prices. Jaisalmer is a city of gold which is dead 6 months because of harsh climate but the rest 6 months provide a good amount of tax to the state government. I have personally noticed that many resorts and hotels are opening in the city and they are really spending money in commercial land. Believe me a traveller like you can live his complete like in Jaisalmer and the real estate will definitely get a boost (pretty soon) and its always full of global backpackers.

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