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Why an addicted traveller must visit South Delhi

This is a guest post by Mr Akshat, who is the General Manager of Hotel GTC, South Delhi. Dear readers, every city in the world, especially a travel destination has some old part or a shopping favourite region or sometimes a bad neighbourhood in their city. Similarly New Delhi, capital of Republic of India also has a special region where you will note huge bungalows, luxury cars, awesome shopping malls and some 2000 year old historical monuments which traveller love to visit. I am talking about the Southern part of New Delhi, also referred as “South Delhi”

This post is written by one of my good friend Akshat who in an expert in the field of New Delhi tourism and he will reveal that Why an addicted traveller must visit South Delhi. Over to Akshat now.

Hi friends, I am Akshat and Jamie has also introduced me so I won’t waste your time and will straight come to the heading of this post. New Delhi is not just the capital of India but its a heritage city where you will find locals praying monkeys & cows and on the other had you have super luxury hotels & resorts, some of the most expensive shopping malls and restaurants which will rob you if you are one of those who don’t care what’s the price mentioned for a meal for two. So New Delhi, my friends is a place which you can call as a reflection of Human civilization.

As I operate a a hotel in South Delhi so I will only share the tourist destinations of this part of the city.

At Number 1- Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple

Whether you are a Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh you all are welcome to a Lotus shaped temple situated in the Southern part of Delhi. The temple opens its door for all human beings fron any faith, creed or culture. The architecture of this temple is marvalous and it will be a foolish mistake if you skip to see this amazing jewel of New Delhi.

At Number 2- The Embassy area


In India, the political economists follow the teachings of a priest who was born in present Patna and taught Political Science in present Afghanistan. I am talking about the great “Chankya”. His teachings of political life is so important that the Indian Central Government has names a street in Delhi as Chanakyapuri and almost 80% of foreign embassies offices are situated here,

This particular read is simply amazing as it is one of the greenest, cleanest street in Deihi. Just have a look at the below image.

At Number 3- Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash
Greater Kailash

A property of 400 sq yard in Greater Kailash, South Delhi is at around 2 million $. Greater Kailash is on of the most expensive destination in Delhi and as I have worked with some of the finest budget hotels in Greater kailash or GK 2, I can tell you that you will find some of the most expensive hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, even schools. The best hotel here will be the Eros Hotel and our’s Hotel GTC. Eros is the oldest hotel in South Delhi and when is comes to budget accommodation, Hotel GTC is one of the finest hotels in South Delhi too. Have a look at my about us page – http://hotelgtc.in/about-our-hotel-delhi/. The best shopping mall will be the Select City Walk and the best school in this location with be Delhi Public School. So do explore Greater Kailash on your next Delhi trip.

At Number 4- Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden
Lodhi Garden

Prepared by an Islamic ruler and currently a popular destination for locals, Lodhi garden is a place to explore. I personally go here for an evening walk and the monuments built in the center of the park is something which attract many tourists to visit this park. Entry in the Lodhi Garden is free and do come in your walking shoes as you have to walk a lot.

At Number 5- Ansal Plaza

Ansal place Shopping Mall
Ansal place Shopping Mall

Thi is a popular Shopping all, situated in Andrew Ganj, South Delhi and is also considered as the 1st Shopping Mall of New Delhi. It started in 1999 and its one of many popular Shopping Malls of Delhi. Whenever a new movie is being released, Bollywood would come and seek for PR via Ansal Plaza and the audience in this mall are some of the richest individuals of Delhi. So do mark your presence in Ansal Plaza on your Delhi trip.

At Number 6- Nehru Palace Market


This is Asia’s biggest computer parts market and attract 1000’s of business travellers every day from all over the Asia. I have personally bought all the tech related instruments for my Hotel from this market. Why a traveller should visit this market? Every backpacker has a lap top and the deals you can get from here are amazing. So do visit it. Apart from these destinations kindly have a look at our photographic blog on places to visit in delhi.

New corrections made on this post on 22-6-2014…

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