8 Oct

Why you should visit Jaisalmer in coming holiday season

Jaisalmer is a popular tourist city in India which is famous for its desert adventure activities, desert camp resorts and some century old tourist destinations. In this post we will try to cover all the above mentioned destination which will answer my question that Why you should visit Jaisalmer in coming holiday season?

1. Desert Adventure Activities

Jaisalmer is in deeper parts of Thar desert and travellers from all over the world this harsh land to enjoy Camel Safari. In India Jaisalmer is at number 1 when it comes to desert safari as the sand over here is pure and the sun set and rise view from Sam Sand Dunes (Jaisalmer) is amazing. Just look at the below image to know more.

desert safari

2. Desert Camps

As camel safari is the number 1 activity in Jaisalmer and this activity is mostly organized by owners of some of the best camps in jaisalmer. These camps mostly belong to Jaisalmer royal family members. They offer some of the finest accommodation in their luxury tent, local rajasthani cuisine cooked by local chefs and desert safari. I will suggest you to stay in these desert camps instead of any hotel in main city.


3. Popular tourist attractions

Jaisalmer has some amazing monuments like Jaisalmer fort which is almost 800 year old and it shines like gold when the 1st ray of sunlight touches it.In the fort you will find some amazing Jain temples, weapons and my favourite restaurant, Trio. Just next to the Golden fort is the famous Gadisar lake which reminds us of the amazing and prosperous time of Jaisalmer royalty. There soo much to see in the city that I might have to write a complete book on it.

golden fort

Apart from these I have also mentioned some resources which will assist you in planning your holiday for Jaisalmer. For air or rail tickets prefer Makemytrip and for bus service prefer Redbus. Camp accommodation in Jaisalmer is best at Royal Desert Camp and Spirit Desert Camp and I will suggest you to visit the city from the month of September to March as in the renaming months the city is not the best place for vacation.


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